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I decided to try my hand at a social media game–the kind which places you in a hypothetical situation and asks you to fill in the first nine friends on your friends’ list, assigning them to certain roles. I thought carefully, and decided to play upon my strengths. Hence, Hemingway. Here’s the game; and it’s Hemingway, so be advised of mildly adult language:

You and 9 friends find yourself in a Hemingway novel. Fill in the blanks with the first 9 people on your friends’ list.

  • Spends three weeks silently fly-fishing in a rural stream:
  • Claims to be a “lousy Catholic,” but can’t stop going to church to pray:
  • Uses another person’s execution as a diversion to escape a firing squad:
  • Spends 6 drunken months in the hospital recovering from a leg wound:
  • Smuggles booze into the hospital for the above patient:
  • Constantly picks fights with smaller opponents:
  • Arms a fishing boat and cruises the coast of Cuba, looking for German subs:
  • Discovers the meaning of life 20 seconds before being killed:
  • Thinks that “not being a bitch” is “sort of like what we have for God”:

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!