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I got so busy this week, I didn’t get Valentines made for the kids I watch in a church nursery. So, I rummaged around in the art closet and ended up making these from some of the supplies they had on hand. I had such a good response, I decided to share them.


1 “flipper” style spatula
red and white craft paper or foam
permanent marker
glue gun & glue stick

1. Use a die-cut machine or scissors to cut out hearts from the red paper or foam. If you cut by hand, you will need to cut out a paper heart the old-fashioned way–fold the paper in half and cut half a heart sharp along the folded edge. Then, once you have that, cut again about 1/4-inch from the outside edge of the heart. This will give you one hollow heart (empty in the middle like a picture frame), and one smaller heart. The church had a die-cut machine I used instead–very fast, and the hearts come out perfect.

2. Use the glue gun to apply glue to the smaller heart, and affix it to the food end of the spatula.

3. Cut a squarish piece of white paper or foam to make a gift tag. Use the hole-puncher (or scissors) to make a small hole on the left side of this tag. Using the permanent marker, write “I flipped for you!” on it. You can sign and date it on the back, if you wish.

4. Loop a piece of ribbon, about 12 to 18 inches long, through the hole in this tag. Add the hollow-cut heart in front of this tag, and then tie both to the handle of the spatula, which should already have a hole in it for hanging. If not, you’ll have to tie the ribbon around the handle, and you may want to secure it with the glue gun as well.

That’s it! You have a cute, homemade Valentine!

P.S. The photo is from my cell phone; sorry–it’s the best I could do.