Don’t get the idea that I think about nothing but television, or specifically the show Chuck, but I came across a couple of YouTube videos of the Jeffster swan song from the series finale I’d like to share. And if you haven’t seen the finale, this is a pretty major spoiler, so you’ve been warned.

In one of the final scenes, Chuck and the team must capture the bad guy, Quinn, and diffuse the “sonic bomb” he has placed under Gen. Beckman’s concert hall seat: if she gets up, or when the music stops, the bomb will explode. It’s time for Jeff and Lester, a.k.a. the 80s cover band Jeffster, to step up.

First, watch this clip, taken and posted by a crew member of the show, which features the complete song, start to finish. Next, watch this completed scene from the episode. Besides the shots of the other actors being cut into the scene, we see special effects, more creative camera angles, and better shots of their faces. This illustrates the work that goes into producing any show; it is truly a collective effort.

And while this may not have a lot to do with being female, it sure is a lot of fun.