Last Friday night, NBC aired the series finale of Chuck, the cult-hit action-spy-comedy. The show and its fans fought hard, half-season by half-season, for its very existence, and the results were five years of cheeky humor, exhilarating fights and stunts, and heartwarming moments between saving the world from dastardly plots. Although based on the premise of a computer nerd everyman who accidentally uploads into his brain the combined intelligence of the CIA, NSA, and other federal law enforcement agencies–think The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes meets Get Smart–the heart of the series was always the love story between Chuck, the nerd, and Sarah, his CIA handler.

Chuck and Sarah had the usual kinds of ups-and-downs–dating other people, getting kidnapped by terrorists, facing a mother-in-law with a license to kill. But fans knew from the start that these two were meant to be together. Though the show was named for Chuck, and had many other fine cast members, we salute Yvonne Strahovski’s Sarah Walker. We end here with a clip that shows Sarah at her finest–feminine, fearless, and fighting for the life of the man she loves.